3 powerful recipes to cure mycosis and chilblain on nails

Clove has various medicinal properties, the best known of which are related to its analgesic and antipyretic powers. However, the oil extracted from cloves can also be a powerful ally for nail health. See below 3 recipes that use this substance to protect nails from fungal infections and chilblains.

Clove oil – a powerful ally for healthy nails
Clove oil is so powerful that its properties must be stated: it is analgesic, antibiotic, antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antiparasitic. It’s all in one! Learn about some recipes based on this oil for nail treatment.

Recipe 1
Will need:

Cloves: 30 gr.
Extra virgin oil: 200 ml.
Preparation method:

It is very simple, just mix the two ingredients and place them in a water bath for an hour so that the oil absorbs the properties of the cloves. Then you should strain it and store it in a dry glass container with a lid. Apply the oil on the nails to combat mycosis, chilblains, and so they will be stronger and healthier.

Recipe 2
Will need:

Cloves: tablespoon
Cereal alcohol: 1 liter
Preparation method:

Mix the two ingredients, place in a glass container with a lid and let it rest for five months. Then strain and strain again and it is ready to use. This recipe can also be used as an air freshener and is effective in killing fungi and moths.

Recipe 3
Will need:

Cloves: 50 grs.
Ethyl alcohol: 1 liter (or a strong alcoholic drink, such as cachaça or rum, for example)
Preparation method:

Mix the two ingredients, place them in a glass container with a lid and let it rest for a week. You do not need to strain it, in a week it will be ready to be used, it will last for years and has various purposes, including:

Treatment of tooth pain
To treat various inflammations such as those that are registered in the throat, digestive system, in the stomach, and skin infections (including mycosis)
Helps treat belly pain – just rub it on the belly in circular motions.
It can be used together with creams, balms or vegetable oils, to massage areas of the body with pain.