See Why Aluminum Foil Is The Number One Miracle Ingredient In Your Household

What are the benefits of wrapping your feet in aluminum foil?

Aluminum foil is the ‘jack of all trades’ of every household and it has more uses than simply covering your Sunday roast in the oven. We want to share a few uncommon and surprising tricks that you can try out with this everyday item, including wrapping your feet with it!





Everyday perks

Aluminum foil does the trick, whether you have joint pain or when you want to fix something around the house. It’s good for all kinds of medical issues, including burn injuries and even the common cold. We’re sure you’ll find something you haven’t tried with it in the following list.


-Sharpening scissors can be problematic. Simply get a sheet of aluminum foil, fold it and cut it up with the scissors. Once you’re done they will be as sharp as new.
-Ironing hack – if you want to save time, put down a sheet of aluminum foil on the ironing board and put the clothing over it. The foil will heat up, speeding up the process so you don’t need to turn the clothing over to do the other side!
-Static cling can be an issue when you wear clothing made out of synthetic fibers. It stings when you take them off! Fix this annoying problem by rubbing a ball of aluminum foil over the affected piece of clothing – the metallic material will collect the electric discharge.
-WiFi signals can be boosted by this clever hack! Put up a sheet of aluminum foil near the place you need a better signal, it will be redirected by the foil in the direction it is facing.
-Funnel – not at hand when you need one? No problem! Just take a piece of aluminum foil, fold it multiple times so that it’s thick enough and form a funnel shape out of it. It’s leak-proof, too, if you do it right!

We saved the best for last! If you’re curious about all the medical uses of aluminum foil, check the next page!


See Why Aluminum Foil Is The Number One Miracle Ingredient In Your Household

Aches and pains If you’re suffering from joint pain, try wrapping the affected area in aluminum foil and keep it in place while you sleep with a roll bandage. Do this for about a week and see if you get any results. Works best for minor injuries, not for prolonged illness!


Cold symptoms Do you want to boost your recovery while you’re down with the flu? Aside from taking vitamin C and drinking hot tea, you can do that by wrapping your feet in multiple layers of foil. Put bandages in between – you’ll need 5 to 7 layers in total. Make sure to rewrap your feet every hour and let it breathe for a bit. You’ll notice a difference in two days!

Tiredness This tip is a beauty trick as well. Put sheets of aluminum foil in the freezer for a few hours, then use it on your face for a relaxing treatment. You can use smaller bits under your eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, too. Beats having to use ice packs or expensive beauty products, isn’t it?

It’s worth trying these lifehacks out if your issues are small. Of course, if you happen to have any sort of serious illness, it’s still wise to go see a doctor for a checkup.