15 Foods to Eat If You Have High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem in today’s societies, especially where people are living a fast life, eating fast food and are always on the go. High blood pressure can be prevented with regular excercising and healthy eating, but if you already have a little bit higher level, it’s important to pay attention to your every day habits and keep your health from declining. We have gathered 15 foods which you should eat if you already have high blood pressure or you just want to do something for your own health.




A box of yoghurt contains the suggested daily amount of calcium and also a lot of magnesium. It’s a good idea to start your day with a yoghurt, maybe eat some fruits with it.


Green leafy vegetables, for example spinach or ruccola has a high amount of kalium, which is essential for keeping the balance of blood pressure.



Salmon is rich in omega-3-fatty acids, which helps to normalize blood pressure and also has a role in controling the normal heart rate.




Paying attention to your blood pressure is hard if you also have problems with your blood sugar. Try eating honey instead of sugar, but be careful, it’s better, but still sugary and leads to obesity if you eat too much.



White Beans

A plate of white beans contains enough magnesium, calcium and kalium for a day for an adult person. You can eat them in a soup, as a side dish or in salads also.



Almost every kind of berries are good for your blood pressure because of the flavonoids they contain. Flavonoids can reduce high blood pressure, so don’t be afraid to eat them as snacks also.




Almost the same as blueberries but it’s also good for blood vessels because of the antioxidants it contains. Researchers have proved that eating red berries regularly can reduce high blood pressure.




It might be surprising but potato is also good to reduce high blood pressure. We have discussed how important is the magnesium and kalium to keep a balanced blood pressure, and this vegetable happens to contain both.




Kale, just like spinach and ruccola is a green leafy vegetable, therefore contains a lot of kalium, which is essential for our body to keep itself balanced.




Speaking about kalium, magnesium and calcium may became boring now but they are still the best things to eat if you want to keep your blood pressure in balance.




Banana contains the biggest amount of kalium, therefore it’s really good to reduce high blood pressure. Perfect for a quick breakfast if you don’t have time to prepare complicated meals.

Dark chocolate

You are sweet-toothed? No problem. Have you ever thought that dark chocolate is healthy? Of course, don’t eat too much because it will cause constipation, but it can reduce high blood pressure and it’s great against cardiovascular diseases.


Beetroot is quite divisive amongst everyone. You love it or you hate it. It contains nitrat which becomes nitrit and then nitrogen-oxid and it widens the blood vessels, therefore reduces blood pressure. Try eating it with some roasted meat, or as a side dish.


Garlic is good for a lot of things, since it has antibacterial effect but it also contains allicin which can prevent high blood pressure. It doesn’t matter how you eat it; raw or prepared. Either way it’s healthy


Avocado is the ultimate superfood nowadays, and not only because it’s popular. It contains a lot of good kind of fatty acids and a lot of vitamins also, and the best thing: magnesium, kalium and antioxidants. Perfect for your blood pressure.