15 stars who look divine on the red carpet and are quite common in life

Jennifer Lopez

Outside the spotlight, J.Lo loves comfortable clothes and doesn’t overdo it.



Blake Lively

This tall and striking blonde in full dress is literally mesmerizing. In ordinary life, she is just a pretty mother of two daughters.



Kristen Stewart

Kristen has an unusual appearance, she can look very different. An actress today can be a fatal diva, and tomorrow – a girl from a neighboring yard, if the villi is diminished.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry is in great shape for her age. But without a chic dress and diamonds, it is difficult to recognize a star in her.



Jessica Alba

Jessica is not only an actress and mother of young children, but also a successful entrepreneur. Apparently, that is why she often looks very tired.



Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer calls herself the most unglamorous actress in Hollywood. And judging by her photo not from the red carpet, it is.



Jessica Chastain

Red-haired beauty Jessica knows how to attract the attention of journalists. But without makeup, her face becomes completely expressionless.




Beyoncé has enough luxury on stage. In ordinary life, she looks like an ordinary American woman.



Gal Gadot


Thanks to his experience in the modeling business, Gal Gadot knows how to wear expensive clothes in the whole business, Gal Gadot knows how to wear expensive clothes and all kinds of clothes in the whole business, always smartly, always, always. In ordinary life, she can be mistaken for a teenager.



Svetlana Khodchenkova

Like many blondes, Svetlana looks too inexpressive without bright makeup.



Vera Brezhneva

Vera Brezhnev also knows how to transform: from a tired middle-aged woman to a dazzling star.